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Landscape project case study from melrose montana

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Project No.: 2013-8
Situation: Redesign
Residential Project
Location: Melrose, Montana

Key Objectives:

  1. Reconstruct an outdoor fireplace and living area
  2. Redesign existing landscape around the house with proper grade and drainage
  3. 2 areas designated for family volleyball and horseshoe tournament area
  4. Apple orchard and 10 acre underground sprinkler was also added around the perimeter of the property to enhance its year round beauty

Project Scope:

After carefully assessing the needs of our clients it was decided to remove the old fire-place that did not work and move the new one to a location easily accessible from the house. The new design incorporated a larger fireplace (6’ across) with a large covered wood box. The opposite wing includes a commercial BBQ unit with a bar top behind the backsplash. It is constructed of native river rock found nearby and a flagstone cap. Hidden LED strip lighting accents the structure in the evening.

The patio was dry-laid with tumbled roman pavers, the product will last several lifetimes without cracking or discoloring. The area extends around the bar and transitions seamlessly into the lawn area.

500 yards of amended topsoil was added to fix drainage issues and improve the existing soil. A perfect grade gradually slopes, so the lawn is just right to play on and use with large gatherings.

A center island was stripped, soil screened and amended, and re-graded for an area to accommodate a horseshoe tournament. Underground sprinkler complete with a new bark mulch bed around the trees re-incorporates this property back into its native surrounding. A 14,000 lbs. boulder was re-positioned for visibility and aesthetics.

The owners also wanted the entire property to remain green through the dry summer months. To accomplish this feat a 10 acre underground sprinkler system was installed, complete with in-line fertigation systems.

In addition to the large sprinkler an apple orchard was planned, to provide privacy from passersby and also for the appearance. Today 82 apple trees ornament the front of the property.


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