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Project No.: 2014-11
Situation: Commercial Upgrade
Commercial Property
Location: Butte, Montana

Key Objectives:

The owners and management team of KXLF studios wanted to update and make a visual statement about the image of the TV station for the town of Butte. After a number of planning meetings and discussions, we formalized a plan that would truly make this commercial property "pop," and enhance the curb appeal.

Project Scope:

This project was not only an upgrade to the landscape, but added a new "customized front fence" to draw attention to the location. The project unfolded as follows:

  • We removed the old and outdated landscape – ground cover and bedding.
  • For cooling and wind protection, we retained the large 30 foot trees located on the property.
  • All the soil was amended with compost materials to increase the micro-biology and better retain water – reducing the water usage and conserving natural resources.
  • We installed a more effective and efficient low-flow water drip system for all the new plants and shrubs.
  • A cool-season Kentucky Bluegrass was selected for the site to add cooling features to the site and reduce water consumption.
  • We worked with outside suppliers to have the cast-iron lights refitted to utilize new LED technology, while keeping the integrity of the old style street lighting that were originally built at the Anaconda Foundry over 100-years-ago.
  • A concrete curb was placed around the property to provide a base for the newly produced custom fencing. This steel fencing was custom-made and designed to blend into the historical building and provide a secondary barrier around the studio.
  • We added new planting beds to complement the existing areas, and planted new flowers, shrubs and trees for a new look.

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