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Landscape project case study from butte montana

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Situation: Hampton Inn
Commercial: Remodel
Location: Butte, MT

Key Objectives:

Located on one of the busiest main streets in Butte, the entrance to the Hampton Inn was hard to identify amidst the clutter of all the other retail commercial signage. Customers remarked that they often had a hard time locating the hotel due to the overwhelming amount of signage.

The owner asked us to address this issue by creating a more impactful, unique visual identity for the hotel that would attract attention, be aesthetically pleasing, and value to the property.

The owner also wanted a low-maintenance solution which wouldn't add significantly to his grounds keeping. He also wanted the landscape to naturally direct customers to the entrance of the hotel.

Project Scope:

Wagner & Co. recommended the following solutions…

  • We first added a number of moss rocks (some as large as 55,000 lbs.) to the front and entrance of the hotel. These boulders became a "landmark," or directional devise, used to route customers to the facility.
  • We added a new sign and planters on the corner of the property to provide better overall visibility and present a ground-level brand identity tool. The stone and planters enhanced the visual appeal and attractiveness of the signage.
  • Trees were added to complement the moss rocks and give the overall appearance a more natural look and feel.
  • To address the low maintenance concerns we used all native plants, along with a drip watering system to conserve water, ensuring proper growth and longevity.

Project from start-to-finish took 30 days.


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